In this article we will review how Showing Assistants accept and complete showing requests.

Step 1: View available showings on the opportunity map

When logging on to the app as a Showing Assistant (SA), you will immediately be taken to the main SA interface known as the Opportunity Map. On the opportunity map you can freely search within your area or even the entire state in order find available opportunities.

Note: Users will get both an in and out-of-app notification when a showing request has become available.

Step 2: Select and Accept a Showing on the Opportunity Map

Once you come across a property or collection of properties (tours) that you would like to SHOW, simply click on the property pin (house icon) in order to view the details on the showing such as the Hiring Broker's name, the time of the appointment, and the address of the appointment.

Step 3: Managing and Clocking-in to Showings in your Itinerary

Once you've accepted a showing, you will be navigated to your Showing Itinerary (which is normally accessible by clicking on the icon in top right corner of the opportunity map). From here, you can manage all the details about the property you are showing as well as the ability to contact the Hiring Broker by clicking on their photo next to the showing. Once you are ready to clock-in for the showing, simply click the "Start Showing/Tour" to begin the appointment.

Note: You will only be able to start the showings starting at 10 minutes before the Showing.

Step 4: Clock out and Leave Feedback to Receive Payment for the Showing(s)

Once you have finished showing the property, simply tap on the showing slot (where the date and time is displayed) in order to reveal the buyers interest level field and the feedback field. Both of these fields are required to be filled-in in order to successfully complete the showing. By submitting your feedback, you are clocking-out of the showing appointment. 

And that's it! You've gone ahead and completed your showing and received the credited amount to your wallet. If you ever need to look back at a showing you've performed in the past, simply click on the menu in the top left corner and select "History" in order to see a list of your past showings with the appropriate details listed.