In this article we will help summarize the differences between Hiring Brokers and Showing Assistants and how to switch between the two.

Hiring Brokers:

Hiring Brokers are agents who need another agent to show a property on their behalf. The most common reasons Hiring Brokers utilize the app is to show properties while away on vacation, while busy with important personal life events, and to maintain the growing number of clients without missing out on an opportunity to go into closing with a buyer.

This is the default home screen for a Hiring Broker. You are able to schedule your showings here as well as view your showings that have been accepted or are currently pending.

Showing Assistants:

Showing Assistants are agents who are willing and able to show homes for Hiring Agents. The most common reasons Showing Assistants utilize the app is to make a supplemental income, build reliable relationships with top producers, and gain valuable hands-on experience for those new to the industry.

This is the default screen for a Showing Assistant, known as the Opportunity Map. The Opportunity Map allows Showing Assistants to view and accept all the available showing requests submitted by Hiring Brokers. By selecting the filter option you may change the map to a list view.

Switching between Hiring Broker and Showing Assistant:

The beauty of SHOW is that any of the agents who utilize our platform can navigate between the two modes whenever they'd like by simply selecting the menu in the top left corner and selecting the "switch" option listed at the bottom of the the menu panel.