SHOW allows you to create showing request in as little as 90 seconds. In order to create a showing, there are a few things you should do in order to ensure that you can make your showing request as quick and seamless as possible.

Step 1: Gathering your appointment information

In order to make the create showing process go as quickly as possible, we recommend having all the info you need for the showing readily accessible to you. By having your property info readily available you can reduce the back and forth between creating your requests on the app. 

Step 2: Log in as a Hiring Broker

Once you have your property info, simply log into the app as a Hiring Broker and proceed to "Create a Showing Request" on the main menu. You will then be prompted to enter in property info including lockbox info and any special instructions.

*Note: All fields that contain a  *  next to the title are required fields in order to submit a showing. Although the rest are not required, the more information you place on this information screen the better equipped your Showing Assistant is at giving an awesome showing to a potential buyer.

Step 3: Request a Broker/Brokerage

Once you've inputted the showing request info you will be asked if you would like to select a specific broker or brokerage. Selecting Add a Broker Request you can select any specific broker who uses the SHOW platform. If you select the Add a Brokerage Request you will send a request to all individuals who are within that specified brokerage. This is NOT required; simply click continue to review to not request a specific broker.

Either option give priority to those specific Brokers for 15 minutes. If no agent/brokerage accepts the request after the fifteen minute duration, the showing request will then become viewable to the rest of the SHOW users.

Step 4: Review Your Showing Request and Submit

Once you've opted to request a specific broker or not, you will arrive at the final stage of the create a showing process: Payment Breakdown. Simply look over all the information on this page to make sure it is accurate before submitting. From here you can select which card you would like to be charged before publishing the showing.

Woohoo! You're all done. Now simply sit back and relax and wait for a Showing Assistant to accept your showing request. 

Uh-oh. Did you make an error and already published your showing request(s)?

Not a problem, simply click on the edit icon on the showing displayed on your accepted showings page (this is the default screen for Hiring Brokers). Once you've made your changes simply click "save changes".