1. Every user can be both a hiring broker and a showing broker

SHOW allows every user to easily switch between a hiring broker and showing assistant.

2. All SHOW users are licensed real estate brokers

Every agent on SHOW is a licensed real estate broker qualified to show homes.

3. Hiring Brokers are charged $55.00 per hour on normal showings and $100 per hour for emergency showings (appointments within the hour)
Showing Assistants will receive $30.00 per hour on normal showings and $60.00 per hour on emergency showings

4. Showing Assistants are expected to be professional
Showing Assistants are expected to be dressed appropriately, arrive in a clean car, and converse properly with buyers.

5. Don't worry about Showing Assistants stealing your clients

Being a user on the app, you automatically sign a Procuring Cause Waiver which removes your rights to that buyer. We got you covered!

6. Payment for showing homes is processed upon completing showings

After leaving valuable feedback for the hiring broker, you will get credited in your in-app wallet.

7. Hiring Brokers can schedule a single showing or a tour of multiple showings

Whether you need 1 or 10 properties shown, you can easily submit it to SHOW.

8. Leave helpful feedback for your hiring broker to gauge buyer interest

Help your hiring broker by relaying helpful feedback from the buyers.

9. Request specific brokers and brokerages during scheduling

Do you know the right agent for the job? Select their name during scheduling to give the first right to accept your showing.

10. Understand that community is at the heart of SHOW

SHOW is dedicated to changing the dynamic of the real estate community. Realtors are now helping other Realtors to succeed.